EyeWear Sleeves™
“The perfect protection for eyewear and you”
EyeWear Sleeves™ are a must, for Health Conscientious Consumers,
Optical, Medical, and Beauty professionals alike!

Eyeglass side arm covers

For Vision & Eye wear Retailers.... 

Personal Protective Equipment is available for just about everything imaginable, why not eye wear?  

Try on these fantastic little sleeves and you'll wonder why you ever went without. They can be offered to patrons of Vision Centers or Sun Glass shops for personal protection when they try on eyewear for purchase.

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For Beauty Professionals....

Beauty professionals routinely look for stylish economical solutions to improve their client’s salon experience. 

EyeWear Sleeves™ do just that!

Put them near the magazines, in the chemical processing supply cart, or have them available to take home, anywhere you want to show you care. 

Eye glasses are very expensive items and beauty professionals should not have to be concerned with replacing or apologizing for damage to their clients eye wear. 

About Us

EyeWear Sleeves™ started out as a product created by my Grandmother Shirley a hair Stylist and Salon Owner for over 35 years. Shirley struggled to find a product to protect client's eyeglasses during chemical processing. She tried different foils and wraps, but felt there must be something that would work better and look more professional. 

This is how she started Shirley's Temple Guards™. She successfully brought a product to Beauty professionals that worked perfectly and was long overdue.

Shirley has retired and but her products are still in use internationally.

Over the years we realized that these fantastic little sleeves could have many applications. 

Most often they are being offered to patrons of Vision Centers or Sun Glass shops for trying on eye wear for purchase. They protect the user from microorganisms (germs) left on eye wear from frequent consumer contact. We think they are a must for any Optical, Medical, or Beauty business! 

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